Gordon Ramsay Lucky Cat, Manchester

  • Project Overview

    Lucky Cat, a restaurant by world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, is an open Asian kitchen and late-night lounge, drawing inspiration from Tokyo’s drinking clubs of the 1930s and the Far East. This distinguished restaurant is a renowned culinary destination worldwide, and we are thrilled to introduce this iconic establishment to Manchester’s historic King Street. Lucky Cat Manchester is located within the walls of an old bank and features three exquisite private dining rooms, including the Vault, along with a mezzanine semi-private space that overlooks the restaurant. Our team at smf is proud to have been involved in the metalwork fabrication for this remarkable project.

    Our Works:

    • LED angle to base of DE05 inlay panels external face Antiqued
    • Free issue heat lamps clad in antique brass
    • Antique Brass Countertop
    • Brass Shelf Frames
    • Brass Door inlays
    • 100mm Brass Skirting
    • Waiter station frames
    • Angle trim to AC Units 1 1/4″ brass angle @ 3650mm
    • Brass Surround c/w inner frame and mesh
    • Brass Surround c/w inner frame and mesh
    • Mild Steel Window Surrounds
    • 3/4″ x 1/8″ brass flat bar trim
    • 3/4″ x 1/8″ brass flat bar trim
    • Brass tubular railing
    • Staff Side countertop & Down Stand
    • Brass Trim inlay to front of Bar – 3/4″ x 1/8″
    • Brass back bar
    • Brass footrail
    • 3/8″ x 3/8″ Inlays
    • Brass railing approx. 30m
    • 3/4″ x 3/4″ brass angle trim
    • Laser Cut Bar inlays
    • 2″ x 1/8″ brass flat bar trim
    • Stainless Counter tops
    • Brass Flat Bar inlay – 3/4″ x 1/8″
    • 2″ Antique Brass Footrail
    • Brass back bar frame
    • Brass Feature frame


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